It is always important to look for a machine shop that can offer complete machining services. You will not only get your desired service but also enjoy fast completion of the job. Your chosen shop should have large turning machines, milling machines, and CNC controlled equipment. With these resources, you will be assured of quick turnaround time, accurate and high-precision work processes, and top-quality custom-made parts and products.

One local company in the Midwest that you should visit for your machining needs is Midwest Machining Solutions, LLC. We have more than 15 years of experience in the industry, so you will be dealing with expert people. Our modern and state-of-the-art equipment enhances our capability to handle simple to complex project requirements. We have CNC milling machines, large turning equipment, and other advanced machining tools. Our people are some of the finest machinists in the region. They’ve been with us since we started our business years ago. They have proper training, certifications, and extensive experience. These resources and capabilities made us the top choice of most clients from the commercial and industrial sector. Our large client base comes from St. Louis City MO, St. Charles MO, Bridgeton MO, Warrenton MO, Granite City IL, Belleville IL, Wood River IL, Caseyville IL, Collinsville IL, and East St. Louis IL. If you’re from any of these areas, please call us at (314) 544-5007 or visit our shop at North Broadway.

CNC Turning and Manual Turning

There are a lot of advantages of using CNC turning machines to create or manufacture certain parts or components. However, there are still some projects that are best handled by a manual turning machine. If you are not sure which of these methods suit your project requirements, please ask your machinist. He can determine if the large turning machine is the best option.

The operations that may be performed on a certain part or component vary depending on your desired shape or size. They may also involve modifying the material’s inner or outer diameter. The methods or processes that may be used include the following:

  • turning
  • facing
  • grooving
  • cut-off
  • thread cutting
  • drilling
  • boring
  • reaming
  • tapping

Certified Technicians and Crews

Most of the businesses in the industrial sector are involved in product manufacturing. Any disruption in the operation can result in profit loss and unsatisfied customers. If you belong in this sector, you should have a reliable shop to work on your special machining needs. Calling just any shop to create or custom-made a machine part is not advisable. Always think about the quality of work that your service provider can offer. If the company has experienced and certified technicians and crews, you are getting the right people for the job.

Large Turning Machines

Shops with large turning machines are capable of handling bigger parts and materials. This kind of equipment will allow them to custom-made parts for commercial and industrial use. And here at Midwest Machining Solutions, LLC, we have these capabilities and equipment. Our vertical turning machines can work on large diameter components and capable of handling various types of materials.

Please call or visit Midwest Machining Solutions, LLC for all your machining needs. Our complete equipment, which includes large turning machines and other computer controlled equipment, is capable of handling complex job requirements. These machines are also manned by professional machinists, so you are assured of quality workmanship.

We would love to work with you on your next project. Contact us today to learn more about our specific capabilities and how we can accomplish your goals.