Most fabrication shops can offer you various services such as welding, custom machining, manufacturing, repair, and assembly. They can easily create a stainless steel railing for your home, customize steel signage for your business, manufacture a new assembly system, or repair any defective equipment. However, the quality of the work highly depends on the skills and experience of their welders, machinists, and crews. That’s why you have to get the services of an experienced and reliable company.

Midwest Machining Solutions, LLC has more than 15 years of experience in the fabrication and machining business. We are able to establish our name as one of the best shops in the Midwest by offering highly personalized customer service and top-quality workmanship. We can serve the needs and requirements of any type of client. In fact, we have a large number of corporate and industrial clients who rely on our capabilities and skills. They also prefer us because of our complete tools and equipment. We have in our inventory high-capacity welding machines and other modern fabricating equipment. Our shop is housed in a 25,000-square-foot facility, so working on large and complex projects is not a problem for us.

If you are in need of reliable welding services, please call us now at (314) 544-5007. We’ve been serving the areas of St. Louis City MO, St. Charles MO, Bridgeton MO, Warrenton MO, Granite City IL, Belleville IL, Wood River IL, Caseyville IL, Collinsville IL, and East St. Louis IL. Don’t worry if you’re from other areas. You are always welcome to try any of our specialized services.

Choosing Highly Skilled Welders

The integrity and reliability of the welded materials, products, or structures are highly dependent on the skills of the welder. You must choose a shop with competent and properly certified welders. These people know the different welding techniques and will use the most appropriate method to ensure the quality of their work. Welders with lengthy experience in the craft are capable of working on various types of metals and complex project requirements.

Welding Types and Methods

There are different types of welding methods that are commonly used for metal fabrication. The most commonly used methods to join, cut, or fabricate metals are MIG, TIG, arc, and gas welding. Your service provider should have the necessary equipment and properly trained crews to be able to perform these methods accurately and efficiently.

Here are the differences of each method and its proper application:

  • GMAW or gas metal arc welding. This is commonly called as “MIG welding” and has been widely used in the industry. This method is most suited for fusing mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. GMAW is also recommended for thinner sheet metals and alloys.
  • SMAW or arc welding. This type is also referred to as stick or arc welding. It is commonly used for construction, manufacturing, and repair jobs. Professional welders use this type to weld thicker metals.
  • GTAW or Tungsten inert gas. GTAW or TIG welding is best applied for projects that require high-quality, superior finish. This type doesn’t need an excessive clean up by grinding or sanding. The welder should be an expert in this aspect to assure clients of outstanding results.

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Prompt Repair Service

Some of the factors that you should look for in a repair service provider are the terms and kind of service that it can offer. It must guarantee prompt service even if the location of your facility is beyond its immediate service area. As mentioned, disruption in the production can result in huge losses for your company, so any repair task must be addressed outright by your chosen industrial repair team.

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